iOS 11 Feature Wishlist: Siri Becomes a Real Assistant with More Integrations

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This year, Siri has been outshone and surpassed by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. While they’re not perfect, they’re doing things that Siri won’t, in a way that Apple wouldn’t. Apple’s privacy first, closed development policy isn’t quite working out when it comes to Siri. It’s time Apple unleashed its AI in iOS 11.

Siri Becomes a Real Assistant


Yes, they are called voice assistants but they aren’t really, are they? You can talk to Siri for a specific set of things, in a particular way and maybe, maybe, she’ll get it.

That’s not how it would work with a human assistant. Siri doesn’t understand context. Siri doesn’t have all your important work data. Siri can’t intelligently access your files, and its contents. Siri won’t integrate with apps (not even system apps) to help you out do things a little bit better.

My wish for iOS 11 is that Siri becomes a real assistant. And that she can help you out ever step of the way when it comes to using the iPhone or iPad.

Lot More Integrations

iOS 10 opened up Siri to third-party developers. That’s great but it’s still limited to only 6 kinds of apps – ride sharing, workout tracking, money transfer, VoIP, messaging, photo search and that’s it.

What I’d like to see in iOS 11 is Apple significantly expanding this list of integrations, or making it a public process (pending approval of course).

I would love to use Siri to control media. Asking Spotify to play me something, or to resume a podcast in Overcast would be immensely useful. Same goes for productivity apps. Adding tasks in Todoist, or directly talking to the Google Calendar app would be nice as well.

Let Me Text Siri

I’m not a big talker. I feel like I would be much more comfortable asking Siri to do things for me via text. This would be especially useful on the Mac. Cortana lets you do this. So come on, Apple!

How Do You Want Siri To Change?

What are some of your own Siri horror stories? How do you want Siri to change in future? Share with us in the comments below.

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