Microsoft Launches ‘Sprinkles’ Camera App With Machine Learning Features

Microsoft is no stranger to camera apps for iOS devices, and the company is back with yet another one.

As originally reported by TechCrunch, Microsoft recently launched a camera app for iOS called “Sprinkles.” Microsoft says it can make the user’s photos fun in two seconds, and it does so with machine learning and other features based on artificial intelligence. The new camera app’s features allow it to detect the subject’s age and emotion, which means it can pull up a caption to use with the photo all on its own.

As an example, if someone in your picture is frowning, Sprinkles is aware of the emotion on display, and can pull up a caption that suggests the subject “turn that frown upside down.” The app can also figure out a subject’s celebrity look-a-like, and more. All of this is available for free from the iOS App Store now.

On top of all that, Sprinkles also includes emoji and stickers, and they can change based on the day of the week and time of day, just like other camera-focused apps out there.

“However, Sprinkles is the first to really aim young, with an app that’s a bit derivative in terms of its inspiration (decorate your photos!), but also cleverly aggregates a lot of the silly but fun technology Microsoft before showcased only in its standalone side projects. Sprinkles similarly feels like just another side project that’s meant to act as a demonstration of its technology.”

The app is available now (it launched on April 1).


  • Sprinkles — Free
[via TechCrunch]