New iPhone 8 Schematics Show Rear Touch ID Sensor and a Bezel-Less Front Panel

The Apple iPhone 8 is all that people talk about these days, and with good reason. If reports are to be believed, the new iPhone will bring some massive design changes to the fore. Foremost among them being a completely narrowed down front bezel. A couple of schematics posted online suggest exactly this.

Posted on Weibo, these images are apparently coming straight from Foxconn. It is said that these are early design schematics of the iPhone 8, although we’re taking it with a pinch of salt for the time being. In addition to showing the bezel-less front panel, it also shows a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, much in line with what we’re seeing from Android OEMs.

While this move makes sense, it’s unlikely that we will see this coming to fruition. Rumors have predicted that Apple will use a fingerprint scanner that can be placed beneath the display, thus offering fingerprint authentication right on the display panel.

The measurements mentioned on the image suggest that this iPhone would have the same thickness as the iPhone 7. It’s still early days, so anything can pan out. However, considering the kind of reports we’re coming across, it’s very likely that we’re in for some massive design changes with the 10th year iPhone.

[Via Weibo9to5Mac]