New Report Says Touch ID Will be Integrated Into iPhone 8 Display

The iPhone 8 is expected to arrive sometime later this year, but leading up to that arrival date there is a lot of back-and-forth going on.

And while much of the attention was being applied to the display of Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone, this week has seen the lion’s share of the spotlight go to Touch ID. Specifically, where Apple is going to put it. Way back in February, there was a report that suggested Apple would be ditching Touch ID altogether, and would instead lean heavily into facial recognition for security purposes.

Since then, there have been reports that Apple may actually put the Touch ID sensor on the back of the phone. Or Apple may be facing production and design delays early in the year because Apple can’t make the integrated Touch ID sensor, which would be on the front of the handset, just like it is now, work like they want.

There isn’t a consensus on what Apple will be doing, and today’s latest report from iDropNews, citing information gathered from Foxconn sources, suggests Apple isn’t quite settled on an idea yet, either.

The report states that Apple is currently working on two different prototypes, but that, as of right now, the company is indeed leaning on launching the iPhone 8 with Touch ID integrated into the display. The sources say it is “highly likely” that we see the integrated design land on store shelves later this year.

The report also indicates that the iPhone 8 will boast 4mm bezels around “the entire edge of the display,” and that the screen will have “2.5D contoured glass.” The same glass design is said to be present on the back of the handset as well. It also says the power button on the upcoming smartphone will “be a large power button featuring two points of contact.” Finally, the front-facing camera will reportedly be “invisible,” and “hidden under the display.”

Basically at this point, as long as Apple can put together an iPhone 8 that is even somewhat close to what the rumors are painting, it’s looking like it will be an impressive handset.

[via 9to5Mac; iDropNews]