Do You Have ‘Pent up Demand’ for the iPhone 8?

This year is, with the oft-rumored iPhone 8, going to be a “super cycle” for Apple. At least, that’s what a lot of analysts keep saying.

The last release, what brought us the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, wasn’t as blockbuster as some might have hoped, and while Apple executives remain positive about the iPhone lineup (as they do for all of their hardware and software releases), it’s hard to argue that some folks might have been hoping to see a bit more hardware changes between the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 7.

I can understand where that sentiment comes from. We’re accustomed to Apple using an “off year” to keep the hardware the same as a previous generation model, but spice things up with a better camera, better hardware under the hood, and improvements to iOS to convince us upgrading is worth the cost. Apple would very much like us, after all, to buy a new iPhone every year.

It’s on them to give us a reason to do just that.

For the most part I think the company has done that. The iPhone 7 might have missed the mark for some potential buyers, and maybe they kept their iPhone 6s — or even their iPhone 6!– because of it. Some of these analysts point to the iPhone 8 being the device to meet that “pent up demand” for a new phone, and therefore spurring even more sales.

I’m happy enough with the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m not a huge fan of big phones, and the iPhone 7 Plus still feels awkward sometimes, but I do like Portrait Mode with the dual cameras on the back, so I went with that device this year. But I don’t have any “pent up demand” for the iPhone 8. I think it’ll be a great phone — or it won’t be. Either way I’ll be upgrading whenever the phone becomes available, if for no other reason than my carrier will let me do it without spending a ton of money.

But what about you? Did you skip the iPhone 7 lineup because you were hoping to see something better in 2017? Are you hoping the iPhone 8 is as big a difference in design for an Apple iPhone as all the rumors are pointing to? And if it isn’t, will you skip this release, too?