Analyst Claims iPhone 8 Will Feature Touch ID Scanner at the Rear

iPhone 8 Specs

Analysts Sebastian Hou and Brain Chen from research firm CLSA believe that there is a “high chance” of the Touch ID sensor being located on the back of the OLED iPhone 8.

The analysts acknowledge that Apple is working on integrating the fingerprint sensor into the display of the iPhone 8 but the optical fingerprint technology is still very immature. They deny rumors of Apple not including a fingerprint scanner at all on the iPhone 8 due to its user-friendliness and popularity.

So, the analysts believe that Apple will end up placing the Touch ID sensor on the back of the iPhone just like what Samsung did with the Galaxy S8 — assuming its initial plan of integrating the Touch ID sensor into the display does not work out. Even if Apple manages to integrate the Touch ID sensor into the display, the company might just end up placing the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device due to production and yield issues.

The diagram accompanying the note suggests that the sensor will be located below the Apple logo. Ideally, it would be great that Apple ends up integrating the fingerprint scanner into the Apple logo but chances of that happening are pretty slim. However, at least unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Apple at least does not seem inclined on placing the sensor at the top that will make it awkwardly difficult to reach.

The diagram also points to the iPhone 8 coming with a vertical camera setup. Other rumors have also pointed to the iPhone 8 coming with a vertical camera setup that will help Apple in further improving the imaging performance of the handset.

[Via MacRumors]