Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone SE To Get Hefty Price Cuts in India

iPhone 5S from iPhone 5

The iPhone 5s might be 3.5 years old at this point, but that has not stopped Apple from selling the smartphone in India and other emerging markets. Now, in a bid to conquer more of the price-conscious smartphone market of India, Apple is planning on selling the iPhone 5s at an aggressive price point in the country.

The company will be selling the iPhone 5s at Rs 15,000, making it the cheapest iPhone yet to be sold in the country. However, the company plans on selling the iPhone 5s at its new discounted price online exclusively. The company has already informed distributors that it will be phasing out the supply of the iPhone 5s as it plans on selling the handset at its discounted rate only online.

For offline channels, the iPhone SE will be Apple’s cheapest iPhone with a price tag of Rs 20,000. To attract consumers, Apple will also be running cashback offers through its sales partners to effectively bring the price of the handset to below the Rs 20,000 range. Apple will be able to reduce the price of the iPhone SE as it will be enjoying a 10-12% pricing advantage on it once it starts assembling the handset in India from next month.

“Apple wanted to have one iPhone model with an aggressive pricing in India and was banking on the company-certified refurbished models. But now that the proposal has been struck down by the government, it is betting on the iPhone 5s,” said one of the executives.

While the majority of smartphone sales in India still occur offline, online sales account for around 50-55 percent of iPhone sales in the country. Thus, by offering an older iPhone at a very attractive pricing through online channels, Apple is hoping to further boost its market share in the country.

Do note that the iPhone 5s is 3.5 years old at this point of time, and its performance is now far inferior to other competing Android smartphones even with its newly reduced price margin.

[Via GadgetsNow]