Apple Maps Adds 3D Models of the Apple Park Campus

Apple Park has been visible on Apple Maps since March this year. Apple has now updated the Maps app with updated 3D models and detailed maps of the Apple Park campus.

You will also be able to see the pathways, roads, traffic information, and more leading into the campus. There’s a Maps information tag for the Steve Jobs Theater, while the Apple Park campus and other structures don’t have it. We expect this to change over the course of the coming weeks as Apple makes more changes to Maps.

Apple Park is yet to be completed and the company is in the process of migrating its employees to certain areas of the building. It is said that about 12,000 people are expected to make the switch over the course of the next six months, as Apple is yet to provide finishing touches to some parts of the campus.

The company is going to plant nearly 9,000 trees around the campus which will further the company’s environmental initiatives. Apple Park is said to be the brainchild of the Late Steve Jobs, and it has taken a lot of effort to become a reality. This land was previously home to HP’s offices, and the asphalt of the old campus has been replaced with grass and other environment-friendly structures.

The company is expected to give amazing attention to detail for the campus, much like it does for its products. A report said that the concrete panels that were to be used on the campus ceilings had to be approved by Apple’s in-house team twice, speaking volumes about the company’s dedication to the building.

[Via Apple Insider]