Apple Registers New Mac and iPad Model Numbers in Eurasia Before WWDC Next Week


Ahead of WWDC next week, a new regulatory filing from Apple in the Eurasian Economic database hints at five new Macs that Apple might unveil at its yearly developer conference. 

The five new Macs in the regulatory filing carry the model numbers A1289, A1347, A1418, A1419, and A1481, which possibly indicates Apple launching upgraded 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Intel Kaby Lake CPUs alongside a faster 12-inch MacBook as well.

It is still unclear if Apple will end up releasing refreshed MacBook Pro models at WWDC this year since the company has not used the event to announce any new hardware in quite a few years now.

The regulatory filing also hints at Apple launching a Magic Keyboard and a new iPad Pro with four different model numbers: A1670, A1671, A1701, and A1709. These iPad models could refer to the 10.5-inch bezel-less iPad Pro which Apple is rumored to announce at WWDC alongside its refresh MacBook models.

The shipping times of the 15-inch MacBook Pro have already slipped on Apple’s online store which has further added credence to reports of Apple updating its MacBook Pro lineup next week. The switch to Kaby Lake processors will only bring about slight improvements in performance and battery life, though it remains to be seen if Apple ends up making any other changes to its refreshed MacBook Pro lineup or not.

[Via Consomac]