Upcoming Apple Watch Again Rumored to Feature Smart Bands and Glucose Monitoring

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The Apple Watch is already a great tool for health-related issues, but there’s still room to grow.

And it has been rumored in the past that the wearable could boast certain features, like glucose monitoring, at some point in the future. While that hasn’t come to fruition just yet, the rumor mill refuses to give up on it. Now, a report from BGR states that Apple is currently working on a glucose monitoring feature to be baked into the hardware.

“It has been rumored that Apple is interested in glucose monitoring, and it appears that the time may now be right. Previous rumors have stated that Apple might only be able to achieve this through a separate device that might complement the watch, however BGR has learned that this might not be accurate.”

This rumor saw traction pick up in April of this year, when it was reported that Apple had a “secret team” working on non-invasive blood sugar level sensors. At the time, though, it was suggested that Apple may come up with a separate device, which would compliment the Apple Watch proper. That could be worked out with this:

On top of that, this report also throws in “interchangeable smart bands” into the mix. These smart bands would add new functionality to the smartwatch. This would allow Apple to include new features with its smartwatch without hiking the initial cost of the wearable. These smart bands would include the glucose monitoring solution, as well as one with a camera.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about smart bands being introduced to the Apple Watch family, and while it hasn’t happened yet, does seem at least a likely option for Apple’s wearable.

[via BGR]