Bragi Unveils The Dash Pro With Five-Hour Battery Life, Better Sound Quality, and Real-Time Translation

Bragi, known for their wireless Bluetooth earbuds, today expanded their lineup with the introduction of the Dash Pro and the Dash Pro tailored by Starkey.

The Dash PRO now offers more robust Bluetooth connectivity that is now more tolerant to outside interference. It also features a longer five-hour battery life, with the included carrying case being able to charge the headset for 5 more times. Bragi boasts that the Dash Pro features over 150 micro-components, a 32-bit processor, 27 different sensors, and more.

As for the Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey, it is the same as Dash Pro but it’s fitting will be customised by Starkey for your ear canal to provide the best isolation and put greater emphasis on clarity, detail, and bass. Bragi says that the Starkey variant of the Dash Pro will be appreciated by professionals, content creators, and athletes. The earbuds will also come with HearClear’s replaceable WaxGuards to keep maintenance at bay.

Both earbuds feature a one-touch setup and can be paired to any smartphone running Windows, Android, or iOS. They also feature audio transparency that lets external sound to be passed into the Dash Pro or cancel any particular noise to focus on the audio being played. The audio quality has also been improved by using a new codec, reducing white noise, and using new foam tips to help improve bass.

Successor to the original Dash, both earbuds run on Bragi’s new Bragi OS 3 that comes with features like automatic workout detection, direct integration with iTranslate for “real-time face-to-face conversational language translation.” iTranslate is a paid all but Bragi will be offering it for free for a month to Bragi Pro users after which it will cost $4.99/month. Other improvements in BOS3 include improved Bluetooth connection reliability, advanced tonal balance for natural sound, and clearer audio transparency.

The Dash Pro is already available for purchase through Bragi’s online store for $329, with retail availability set to expand in the coming weeks. As for the Dash Pro tailored by Starkey, it will be available for $499 in the US.

Bragi’s The Dash Pro