Comparison Shows Just How Far Behind Apple Maps is To Google Maps

google maps

It’s no secret that Apple Maps simply cannot match up to Google Maps in terms of coverage, details, and information. Nonetheless, it was believed that Apple was working aggressively on improving its mapping service and catch up to Google Maps. A comparison, however, shows just how far ahead Google Maps is and how rapidly Google makes changes to it to keep the information up to date.

As evident from a comparison done over a period of one year by Justin shows, Google Maps changed significantly over a period of one year while improvements made to Apple Maps were very little in comparison. The comparison area was the Patricia’s Green park in central San Francisco, which can be considered the backyard of both Apple and Google.

Not only did the data in Google Maps change regularly over the year, it also became more detailed. Google Maps now has a complete map of the park paths, while they are still missing in Apple Maps. Not only has Apple Maps changed very little when compared to Google Maps, its data is not as accurate as the latter as well.

As the example in the comparison shows, Apple Maps shows the same location for three different auto servicing businesses, while Google Maps has distinct locations for all of them. Worse, Apple Maps cycles through the three businesses — adding or removing them as months pass by. So, while Apple Maps had added/removed more businesses than Google Maps in the last one year, the number was clearly inflated due to the poor geocoder being used by Apple.

Apart from adding more information and coverage, Google also tweaked the appearance of Google Maps over the last one year to make the important point of interests being more visible and to reduce an overflow of information with so many datasets being added to it continuously. Unsurprisingly, Apple Maps has continued to look the same over the last one year.

When Apple first released Apple Maps and replaced Google Maps with it in iOS, it was ridiculed and criticised heavily for it. The company even wrote an apology letter to its customers and promised to keep improving its mapping service. And while the company has made improvements to Apple Maps over the years, its pace of improvement is still nowhere near Google Maps.

[Via Justin Beirne]