Facebook is Planning to Launch Premium Original TV Content

If a company has any means at all to launch some kind of TV content, it appears it will happen.

And if any company can come up with the means to do that, it’s Facebook. Business Insider has a new report that sheds some light on what that might look like, including the idea that Facebook is working with the idea of having at least two different tiers of TV content, one that’s premium, and the other that’s shorter and less budget heavy.

The first tier will reportedly feature content that measures up to 10 minutes, and will boast a smaller budget than longer content. This is similar to video that’s already available on Facebook, and Facebook is apparently wanting to launch new episodes of this sort of thing on a near daily basis.

Meanwhile, the premium tier would have content that ranges between a half hour and an hour, and would be put together with much larger budgets. This is content that would most resemble primetime slot television.

In both instances, Facebook’s aim is apparently geared towards the younger, teenage crowd, as it tries to win back potential users that might have moved on to Snapchat (which is also planning original content). In this light, the original report notes that the first series Facebook might launch is a dating show, where young people go on their first date in a virtual reality scenario, before they meet one another “in real life.”

Facebook will be relying on advertisements for this content, with ads that run in the middle of the video content. As such, Facebook has no plans to charge users to access the video content.

AS for a launch date, Facebook apparently originally planned on debuting the original TV content at its most recent F8 conference, which took place in April, but that obviously didn’t work out. As a result, Facebook is now looking to June to unveil and launch the content to users.

How do you feel about all these companies launching TV content?

[via Business Insider]