New iPhone 8 Images Show Off Touch ID on the Back

The iPhone 8 is rumored to launch later this year, and there is plenty of speculation regarding where Touch ID will be placed.

Early reports and rumors and analyst expectations suggested that Apple was focused on integrating Touch ID into the OLED display, which would effectively keep the fingerprint sensor where it has been on previous generation iPhones, but expanding the display at the same time. However, there have been more and more rumors suggesting that Apple may put Touch ID on the back of the iPhone, because it can’t get the aforementioned integration to work.

Either that, or Apple may remove Touch ID altogether. Basically the speculation is all over the place.

So, today we’ve got a couple of new images shared on Weibo that reportedly show off the iPhone 8, showing off a big display on the front, with minimal bezels on the top, bottom, and sides, and also Touch ID being set into the back of the phone, right under the Apple logo. The images also show us the dual camera setup on the back, with its vertical orientation, which certainly lines up with previous rumors.

The images do seem to show the iPhone 8 without a glass back, which would contradict the vast majority of rumors surrounding Apple’s next flagship phone. As pointed out by 9to5Mac, the black variant, while shiny in its own right, appears to be a Jet Black color variant, rather than glass. The silver and gold variants don’t share the same reflective surface.

It’s worth noting that these images do line up with alleged schematics for the iPhone 8 that surfaced back in April. Of course, that doesn’t really mean anything until Apple officially announces the iPhone 8, but as the rumors pile up, it’s worth at least being aware of.

And, just to make sure the counter-argument continues to thrive, there are additional images of the iPhone 8 that are probably just fan renders put together that show the back of the iPhone 8 — without Touch ID present. We do get to see the upcoming flagship in black, silver, and white, though.

If Apple is forced to choose between a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor or not including the feature at all, which would you choose?

[via 9to5Mac; Weibo]