Apple is Launching iTunes in the Windows Store

Even when it’s a Microsoft developer event, like BUILD 2017 that’s going on right now, Apple manages to find its way into the mix.

In a surprise announcement today, Microsoft announced that Apple is officially bringing its iTunes software to the Windows Store. iTunes is currently one of the most sought-after applications in the Windows Store, so while it may seem like a small change, it’s certainly an important one for those trying to find the app within the digital storefront.

It is also a direct reaction to Windows 10 S, which was announced earlier in May. If you’ll recall, Windows 10 S is a barebones version of Windows 10, and in fact does not allow for applications to be installed that are not present in the Windows Store. This, according to Microsoft, is meant to help with security concerns — but it is also able to be bypassed with a $50 upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

So, for those who pick up a Surface Laptop, or any other device running Windows 10 S, the ability to install iTunes from Apple isn’t possible. Rolling it out into the Windows Store means that any Windows 10 or Windows 10 S user will be able to find it, which is good news for those wanting to install their apps from Microsoft’s digital store.

As for when it arrives? Microsoft says iTunes users can expect to find it in the Windows Store “before the end of the year.”

[via @Windows]