Report: Average Smartphone Owner Spends Over Two Hours in Apps On Daily Basis

As per its latest report, App Annie says that smartphone owners are using and spending more times in apps than ever before. An average smartphone user uses around 30 apps per month, with around 9 apps being used on a daily basis.

In China, the number was even higher at 11 and that was despite WeChat replicating the functionality of other apps. Smartphone users in Brazil, India, and China used the most number of apps which was followed by users in US, Japan, and the UK.

Interestingly, the data suggests that iPhone owners use more apps per day than Android users. This can be attributed to more quality apps being available on iOS or the OS lacking functionality that is baked into Android. The data collected shows that on average, a smartphone user used between one-third to one-half of the apps installed on their phones.

An average smartphone user in the US spent over 2 hours 15 mins in apps per day, though smartphone users in South Korea, Brazil, Mexico led the way with an average use of around 3 hours per day. Interestingly, mobile games were more popular in Japan and South Korea, with a smartphone user spending over an hour per day playing games in these two countries. Other countries like France, US, and Germany were much lower at around 30 mins.

The most popular category of apps turned out to be Utilities and Tools on iPhone and Android, respectively, thanks to pre-installed apps like Safari and Google. Apart from this, social networking apps like Facebook and others were the most popular among smartphone users. Android users preferred over 30 percent more games than iPhone users, though their overall app use was lower than them. In terms of revenue earned, games on iOS still led the way despite lower usage by iPhone users.

How many apps do you use on your iPhone on a daily basis? And how many apps do you have installed on it?

[Via AppAnnie]