Smart Reply Comes to Gmail for iOS and Android

Google today announced that it is bringing its Smart Reply feature to its 1+ billion Gmail users out there. Smart Reply feature has been available for Inbox by Google users for over a year now.

At Allo’s launch last year, Google had made a big deal of Smart Reply integration into the app. Using deep machine learning, Smart Reply automatically provides you with relevant replies for incoming messages.

Now, the company is bringing the same feature to billions of Gmail users worldwide. Smart Reply had first made its way to Inbox app in 2015, with the web version getting the feature last year.

Similar to how it has worked in Inbox, Smart Reply in Gmail will also provide you with three responses depending on the content of the email you have received. Since the feature makes use of machine learning, it will learn from your typing habits and improve over time.

While Smart Reply in Gmail will not be good enough to automatically recommend you long replies, it should still be good enough to at least recommend the first line or so of your reply thereby saving you time.

Smart Reply will roll out globally in English for Android and iOS Gmail users, with support for Spanish language being added in the coming weeks.