T-Mobile Digits Will Unlock the Phone Number on May 31

It has been several months since T-Mobile officially announced “the future of the phone number” with its new Digits service, but the rollout is finally about to commence.

Today, T-Mobile announced that Digits, which offers a phone number that can be attached to a variety of different devices, will launch on Wednesday, May 31. With Digits, a T-Mobile customer can turn their phone number into Digits, which can then be applied to their regular phone, as well as a tablet, a smartwatch, or even their PC. As long as you have the T-Mobile Digits app installed on your phone.

If you need two phone numbers but don’t want to carry around two devices, T-Mobile Digits will let you create a second Digits number and put it on your phone — giving you two phone numbers on a single phone. T-Mobile says the second Digits number will cost $10 per month with AutoPay, so be aware of that.

The new Digits launches next week. Do you plan on using it?


  • T-Mobile Digits — Free
[via T-Mobile Newsroom]