Tim Cook is Reportedly Testing a Blood Glucose Tracker on the Apple Watch

While the Apple Watch has proven to be a solid device in Apple’s lineup to date, there’s no doubt that Apple is working diligently on bringing new features and abilities to the wearable lineup.

As CNBC reports, Tim Cook may be testing a prototype of what could be coming soon to the Apple Watch. The publication notes that Cook is currently wearing a blood glucose tracker prototype while he’s on the Apple campus. The report’s details are actually quite light, but it does say that the prototype is “on the Apple Watch.”

“A source said that Cook was wearing a prototype glucose-tracker on the Apple Watch, which points to future applications that would make the device a “must have” for millions of people with diabetes — or at risk for the disease.”

Based on the description provided in the report, it seems that the prototype tracker is actually an independent piece of hardware, an accessory to the Apple Watch even, rather than a feature that’s built directly into the Apple Watch.

There are reasons for Apple to keep a device like this an accessory. Cook has made a point to note that a blood glucose tracker requires FDA approval, which could slow down updates for the Apple Watch proper. Making an accessory, however, would mean that Apple can, for one, charge more for an extra device, but also keep updating the base Apple Watch as it sees fit.

This type of device has come up quite a bit recently. Earlier this month a report from BGR said that Apple was indeed planning on developing a glucose monitoring feature, but into the Apple Watch. At the same time, though, that report outlined that Apple was planning on bringing “smart bands” to the Apple Watch as well. It’s possible that monitoring devices, like the one Tim Cook is testing, could be developed and sold separately as a smart band.

[via CNBC]