Apple is Removing 3D Touch Multitasking in iOS 11

One of the things iOS users could do with an appropriate iPhone and 3D Touch was quickly multitasking, by pressing firmly on the left edge of the display.

Now that the iOS 11 beta has reached the second developer stage, plus the first public beta, some new aspects of the upcoming mobile operating system are coming to light. What started out as a bug report, though, has quickly turned into the removal of the aforementioned multitasking feature.

Bryan Irace formally filed a Radar with Apple, noting that the 3D Touch multitasking feature was not working in the latest iOS 11 beta. Apple’s reply to Irace’s bug file was pretty short and to the point:

“Please know that this feature was intentionally removed.”

There had been some speculation that the feature was simply broken in iOS 11, or that Apple had not rolled it into the software just yet. However, many expected it to arrive at some point, not simply be removed altogether.

The 3D Touch aspect to multitasking was a pretty simple gesture, and for some it made switching between apps much faster and easier than double pressing or double tapping the Home button. It’s been a feature for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus, but it appears it won’t be making the leap to iOS 11 and whatever new iPhones get unveiled later this year.

Did you use the 3D Touch multitasking feature often? It will be interesting to see the feedback on this once iOS 11 launches to the public later this year.

[via 9to5Mac; @irace]