Apple To Extend Siri Support To More Third-Party Apps with iOS 11

At WWDC next week, Apple will be unveiling iOS 11 with some major new upgrades to Siri. Among them, Reuters reports that Apple is planning on opening Siri to more third-party apps so that it can better compete with Amazon’s Alexa.

Last year with the release of iOS 10, Apple allowed apps from certain categories — Ride booking, messaging, photo search, payments, VoIP calling, and Workouts — to integrate with Siri. This allows one to use the virtual assistant to directly book an Uber, search for a particular photo in their library, start a workout, and more.

Apple Inc is expected to announce plans next week to make its Siri voice assistant work with a larger variety of apps, as the technology company looks to counter the runaway success of Inc’s competing Alexa service.

But the Cupertino, California company is likely to stick to its tested method of focusing on a small amount of features and trying to perfect them, rather than casting as wide a net as possible, according to engineers and artificial intelligence industry insiders.

It is unclear as to which new categories of apps will now be supported by Siri, but the addition should make Apple’s virtual assistant more useful. Despite the expansion though, Siri will still likely be unable to challenge Amazon’s Alexa as it supports over 12,000 tasks and allows any kind of app to integrate with it.

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[Via Reuters]