Apple Making HomeKit More Accessible to the Developers


Apple has made some key announcements at the WWDC 2017 keeping the developers in mind. The company yesterday announced that it’s removing some of the restrictions for the development of the HomeKit platform.

By allowing developers easier access to these tools, Apple aims to streamline adoption of its HomeKit based products. Firstly, Apple has announced that developers will no longer require an MFi or Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod license to work around with HomeKit.

Apple is also giving developers the liberty to tweak around HomeKit using third party devices like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. This move will no doubt encourage more developers to try out HomeKit, and eventually, come out with more products for the market.

Further, HomeKit products will no longer require a hardware authentication chip. This will allow Apple to authenticate products on the software side, making it very convenient for the developers as well. Apple specifies that despite this change, it will continue to offer the same level of encryption as it has before.

Apple points out that developers will still require the MFi license to commercially sell HomeKit based products. Despite all these changes, it’s up to the devs to make sure they bring HomeKit related features to their smart products. Now with Apple providing all the necessary resources to the developers, we don’t see why not.

[Via MacRumors]