Apple Music Marketing Executive Bozoma Saint John Is Leaving the Company

Apple is potentially rumored to announce another Apple Music refresh with the unveiling of iOS 11 next week. But amidst all that, it looks like Apple Music Global Marketing’s Executive Bozoma Saint John is looking to leave the company.

Also known as “Boz”, she joined Apple when the company acquired Beats Music in 2014. She came into limelight when she gave a demo of the new features in Apple Music at WWDC 2016. She has also been a part of one of Apple Music’s ad along with many interviews since then.

It is unclear why Saint John is looking to leave Apple and it is also unclear where she will be heading after this. Most likely, we should see Bozoma make an appearance at WWDC 2017 before she leaves the company. With iOS 11, Apple is again expected to revamp Apple Music to put more focus on video content that it will be launching later this year.

[Via Axios]