Apple Removed 58,000 Apps from China’s App Store in Two Weeks

Last week, it was reported that Apple had removed hundreds of thousands of apps from the App Store due to a new rule against spam and clone apps. Now, another report details that in China’s App Store alone, Apple has removed over 58,000 apps in the last couple of weeks.

Out of the total apps and games removed, 33.5 percent were games. On June 15, Apple removed 22,000 apps from the App Store which is 6 to 10x times higher than usual. As per analytics firm ASO 100, this move means that Apple is cleaning up and regulating the App Store.

On June 15, 22,000 apps were removed, a number that is six to 10 times greater than Apple’s daily removal quota. ASO 100 suggested that such a large-scale removal means Apple is cleaning up and regulating the Chinese app market on its iOS system.

While some believe the steps taken by Apple is a counterattack on Tencent — owner of WeChat, ASO 100 says that the Cupertino company was only cleaning the App Store and was not targeting anyone specifically.

It is likely that the majority of apps removed by Apple were only 32-bit in nature, which are going to be incompatible with iOS 11, and thus, the company is simply cleaning the App Store ahead of its release later this year.

[Via, 9to5Mac]