Apple Unveils watchOS 4 with new Siri Watch Face, Updated Activity App, More

Apple today unveiled watchOS 4 with new watch faces including a new Siri watch face that makes it easier to view relevant information by using Siri and machine learning.

Watch Faces

Similar to how Siri shows relevant information on iOS, Siri face on watchOS 4 will show relevant reminders depending on your schedule and your location. The information being displayed on the screen will change and update itself everytime you lift your wrist to check your Apple Watch.

The Kaleidoscope watch face is simple in nature and shows very minimum information. Apple is also adding new Toy Story watch faces comprising of Toy Story characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Every time one brings up their Apple Watch, the Toy Story watch face will animate the character.

Activity and Workout App

The Activity app is getting an update with watchOS 4 and will now show recommendations and suggestions depending on your workout history. The Workout app has also been enhanced and now lets one quickly start a workout tracking. Apple has also created a custom algorithm to track High Intensity Interval Tracking which is becoming more popular with time.

Users will now also be told how many exact minutes they need to walk to reach their goal for the day. Additionally, they will also be receiving monthly challenges designed specifically for them based on theri exercising habits.

With watchOS 4, Apple is also enabling two-way data sync that will allow the Apple Watch to communicate with various gym equipment and sync data with them. This will be done by pairing the Apple Watch with the equipment via NFC. Then, data recorded by Apple Watch will be synced to the treadmill or any other gym machine you are using and vice versa.

Apple Music

There is also a new Apple Music app in watchOS 4 that automatically syncs one’s New Music Mix, Favorites Mix, and frequently and most listened music. It now also integrates with the Activity app so when you start a new workout, a relevant playlist will also start playing by Apple Music.

New APIs

watchOS 4 also comes with a number of new APIs that will allow developers to create more powerful apps for the platform. This includes applications being able to go into a full screen mode, overlapping layers, Water Lock API, background audio recording and navigation, and single-process runtime. The new Core Bluetooth API will allow many devices to directly talk to Apple Watch. So, for example, an external glucose meter will be able to connect to Apple Watch and sync data with it.


watchOS 4 will be available later this year to all Apple Watch variants out there. A developer preview will be available from today.