Facebook Reaches 2 Billion Users and Launches ‘Good Adds Up’ Initiative

Facebook is one of the most powerful tools on the internet, and while it still leaves room to add new, silly, features to Facebook Messenger, the social network also recognizes it makes a huge impact all over the planet.

Today, the company has officially announced that the social network has reached a noteworthy milestone: 2 billion users. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, officially made the announcement on the site recently, which was quickly followed up by a newsroom post, lightly detailing what’s next for the social network.

The announcement itself not only revealed the 2 billion users “connecting and building communities on Facebook every month,” but also revealed that 1 billion people are using Facebook Groups every month, and that, on average, more than 800 million people like something on Facebook each day.

As a result of all that connecting, Facebook wants to add a few new things. First, “Celebrating The Good People Do.” This will be a small change, but, after someone react’s to a friend’s post with the Love emoji, or wishes someone else a happy birthday, they will get an automated “thank you” in their News Feed.

Personalized videos are certainly no strange for Facebook users, like celebrating anniversaries, and there’s a new one called the “Good Adds Up Video.” The new video will appear in the News Feed at some point in the near future, or users can go to “facebook.com/goodaddsup” and see their video (if it has been created yet).

Facebook will also be sharing community stories, showing how people have used the social network to connect and help others, throughout the days ahead.

[via Facebook]