Google Will Soon Back up Your Whole Computer With Drive

Making sure your files are secure, and easily accessible, is a huge feature, and Google wants to make it even easier by way of Drive.

Google Drive will be releasing a new service called Backup and Sync on June 28. It will effectively replace the Google Drive for Mac/PC app that has been available for quite some time now, but the new option will have many more features tied into it. Specifically, the new feature will allow for users to backup any and all files that they point Backup and Sync towards.

That includes your desktop, your My Documents, or any other specific location you want to back up. It’s worth noting that business owners are recommended to keep the existing Drive app, even after June 28, at least for now. General consumers, though, should download the new app as soon as it becomes available.

The fine details are a bit gray at this point, including just how expansive the features list is in the new app — aside from backing up your whole computer. Users will still be able to access documents and files within the Drive app, as usual, so nothing big is changing there.

However, while Google doesn’t explicitly say it, there is a strong change that using the new feature will eat up Google Drive storage in a pretty quick way. Free users get 15GB of storage up in the cloud, with paid tiers going up from there.

Do you use Google Drive?

[via Google]