iOS 11 Beta 2 Problems Discovered So Far

iOS 11 Beta 2 Problems Discovered So Far

Earlier this week, Apple released the second beta of iOS 11 for compatible iPhones and iPads. Apart from bringing a few new features, the latest beta of the OS also squashes a number of bugs.

This includes the Search bar returning to the YouTube app, third-party storage service integration in Files app, 3D Touch working properly in the Photos app, App Store now shows the ‘Update’ button for apps that need to be updated, and more.

However, since iOS 11 is still in beta, it also comes with its fair share of bugs. Here’s a quick list of some of them that we have come across so far.

Bugs Discovered So Far

  • 3D Touch on the home screen does not always work properly and is very buggy.
  • Content blockers for Safari are still broken. This bug was also present in iOS 11 beta 1.
  • Using the App Switcher to close apps by swiping up does not always work. In some cases, the app just slides back down.
  • System haptics is sharper which might not be liked by everyone.
  • Notifications from the Mail app don’t show up properly on the new Notification Centre.
  • Weather app only shows Sunrise and not Sunset.
  • Sharing any content to iCloud Drive using the ‘Save to Files’ Sheet leads to the app freezing.
  • The App Switcher continues to stutter and drops frames on scrolling.
  • The feedback app continues to be broken in this beta also.
  • Third-party keyboards like SwiftKey and Gboard are laggy while using the Messages app.
  • Cellular data might not start working immediately after updating to beta 2.
  • iTunes ringtones are not working for some iPhone 7 owners after updating to beta 2.
  • Apple Watch is not showing up for many under Bluetooth settings after updating to iOS 11 beta 2.
  • iMessage sync — Messages in the Cloud — is broken for some, while the option is disabled for others.
  • Many users are unable to use the App Store after the update. Restarting their device a few times seems to solve the issue temporarily.

These are the only issues that we have come across on iOS 11 beta 2 so far but I am pretty sure there are plenty of others that we have missed. If you have come across a bug in iOS 11 beta 2 that we have not mentioned above, drop a comment and let us know about it.