iOS 11 Beta Problems Discovered So Far

iOS 11 beta problems

Soon after its opening keynote of WWDC 2017, Apple released the first developer beta of iOS 11 for compatible iPhones and iPads. Meant only for developers, this release of iOS 11 is aimed at giving developers the chance to play around with the OS so that they can start working on their app updates for the next version of the OS when it drops later this year. 

Being a developer beta, iOS 11 right now comes with a number of bugs and stability issues. However, if they are not a big enough deterrent, you can go ahead and install iOS 11 beta and it apparently can be installed for free on your iPhone or iPad for free without a developer account.

Before you do that though, do have a look at all the bugs discovered in iOS 11 so far so as to help you decide if installing the developer beta will be worth it or not.

Bugs Discovered So far

  • Auto brightness is broken on the iPhone.
  • Opening third-party apps take an unusually long time for some reason.
  • The ‘Clear All’ button does not show up in the notification center when swiped down from the home screen.
  • Sharing functionality is currently broken in the Messages app.
  • The redesigned app drawer in Messages app does not allow one to disable apps.
  • The old App Store icon still appears in the Settings menu.
  • Ad-blockers are not working in mobile Safari.
  • The Music widget on the lock screen does not update itself automatically.
  • Battery widget is displayed even if no Bluetooth devices are connected.
  • Switch to the FaceTime camera in the Camera app is currently broken.
  • To receive app updates, one must kill the App Store manually by swiping up from the App Switcher.
  • The Dock covers the Night Shift toggle on the iPad in landscape mode.
  • 3D Touch functionality is partially broken in the App Switcher.
  • Messages to the Cloud feature will take a few tries to work properly.
  • Restoring data from an iCloud backup might not work properly as a proper list of iCloud backups will not be shown the first time around.
  • Bluetooth toggle in Control Center incorrectly shows being off even if Bluetooth is on.
  • Ironically, the Feedback app to report bugs is not working properly as well.
  • iPhone SE users are reporting that using the Phone app while on a call freezes the device completely.
  • Video playback in Amazon’s Prime Video app might be partially broken.
  • Third-party keyboard apps are currently unstable on iOS 11 and crash if not given full access.
  • Changing the wallpaper on the iPad can lead to the home screen crashing
  • Wi-Fi toggle in Control Center does not always toggle Wi-Fi on/off
  • Do Not Disturb is not working on any iPhone
  • Many users are unable to get Apple Music or their iCloud Music Library to work under iOS 11
  • Bluetooth is not working properly with many devices
  • Keyboard app can become sluggish
  • Safari will randomly crash or not load pages properly

It goes without saying that the first iOS 11 developer beta also has performance issues, with iPhone 7 and iPad Pro users particularly reporting that the OS feels slow to use on their devices. Apple will fix the majority of the bugs being reported and all such performance issues over the next few months before the final iOS 11 release drops in September.

If you have encountered any other issues or bugs in iOS 11 beta that we have not mentioned above, do drop in a comment below and let us know about it.