iOS 11’s New Smart Invert Feature Brings Dark Mode to iPhone and iPad

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It was widely expected that Apple would end up introducing a Dark mode with iOS 11 this year. However, the company did not make any such announcement while unveiling the OS and the feature is nowhere to be found in the first developer beta of the OS as well.

iOS has offered an ‘inverted’ Dark mode buried under accessibility via the ‘Invert Colors’ option but it was half-baked and did not work well with apps that used dark backgrounds. With iOS, Apple is debuting a new ‘Smart Invert’ feature that brings a proper dark mode to iOS 11.

As it should be, the Smart Invert feature inverts the light system colors to black, with dark UI elements remaining unchanged so as to ensure they don’t conflict with the new black background. This also ensures that third-party apsp that have a dark mode of their own don’t break themselves when the Smart Invert feature is enabled.

iOS 11 system apps like the Settings menu and Phone app look pretty incredible with this dark mode, though the home screen does look half baked which suggests that Apple is still working on this feature.

If the Smart Invert feature is anything to go by, it’s possible that Apple will end up introducing Dark mode officially in iOS 11 when it announces the iPhone 8 later this year. After all, a Dark Mode in iOS 11 will really go along well with the OLED screen that the iPhone 8 is rumored to use.

What do you think about the ‘Smart Invert’ dark mode in iOS 11? Do you think it looks impressive?