Periscope Adds ‘Super Hearts’ to Tip Content Creators

Creating content comes in a lot of forms these days, and live streaming is just one of them.

And when it comes to live streaming, Periscope is one of the biggest, most recognizable names. And to help content creators that use the platform, the company wants to make it possible for viewers to tip those creators during a stream. The result of that is something called “Super Hearts.”

Today Periscope announced the new feature, which is both a natural extension of the basic hearts feature, as well as capitalizing on the recent ability to tip content creators made possible by Apple. Up to this point, sending a heart during a Periscope stream told the content creator that you enjoyed their work. Now it’s getting a bit more in-depth.

With a Super Heart, the viewer will be able to buy the in-app item and then send it to the live streamer. Once per month that content creator will be able to cash out those accrued Super Hearts.

“If it’s your first time sending Super Hearts, you can tap “get coins” to purchase a coin package from the App Store or Play Store. Each package allows you to send Super Hearts until the coins run out. Once you stock up, you can select and send any of the Super Hearts.”

Viewers will be able to see who has been sending the most Super Hearts to a live streamer, too, as there will be a viewable leaderboard. That will also make it possible for the streamer to see which viewer is contributing the most to the stream on a much easier basis. Streamers will also have the ability to turn off Super Hearts if they want to stick to the more traditional hearts.

The new Super Hearts begin rolling out today for iOS and Android. You can download Periscope through the link below.


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[via Periscope]