Report: Facebook Working on a New Teen-Oriented Chat App Called ‘Talk’

Facebook Talk

Facebook owns a myriad of services and apps. A new report is talking about the possibility of yet another app being launched by the company. Known as “Talk”, it is said that the app is designed with teens in mind.

The app was discovered within the Facebook app’s internal code, hinting that this could be a youth-oriented version of Messenger. It is said that the app will not require your Facebook credentials to log in, suggesting that this is the company’s attempt to offer a standalone service separate from Facebook.

The app will supposedly have some nifty interactive tools and filters (much like Snapchat) to appeal to the younger crowd. Parental controls is also a key feature with this app, apparently. It is said that the parents will have full control over whom their kids talk to including the ability to pick contacts manually.

It is important to note that this could merely be an experiment right now, and the company tests out multiple ideas like this on a regular basis. So we can’t be certain if this app will ever see the light of the day. But given the kind of privacy concerns that users have voiced regarding Facebook, the launch of an app like this makes a lot of sense.

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[Via The Information]