Snapchat Introduces Snap Map to Share Your Location

Keeping up-to-date with friends via Snapchat is pretty simple, but now Snap wants to make it quick and easy to share your location, too.

Today, Snap has announced the rollout of Snap Map, a new way to share your location with those you know. Users simply have to use two fingers to pinch out from the standard camera view, which will then populate a global map. From there, the friends you have via the social network that have opted-in to share their location will appear on the map as an “actionmoji.”

Users can choose to use Ghost Mode if they don’t want their location shared.

It’s also worth noting, as Snap does, that your location is only ever updated in the app when you open it. So if you don’t open Snapchat, the app shouldn’t be tracking your location in the background, giving your friends a constant ping as to where you are.

Snap Map will be baked into Snapchat in the app’s latest, incoming update, which will be available for both iOS and Android. You can download the app from the link below.


[via Snap]