Spotify Launches Group Playlists Inside Facebook Messenger

Building a playlist can be fun, and it can get even better when it gets collaborative with friends and family members.

Building upon that, Spotify has announced a brand new feature: Group Playlists inside Facebook Messenger. As the name suggests you’ll be able to build a playlist with your friends and family members via Messenger, based on the standard Spotify chat extension within FB Messenger that already exists. This will make it quick and easy for a person to start a playlist, and then let others add to it.

Interestingly enough, the feature isn’t only exclusive for Spotify subscribers/users, either. Facebook Messenger patrons that are invited to add to a Group Playlist will be able to add songs directly from Messenger itself, so they won’t need to sign up for Spotify at all to participate.

The new feature is rolling out now, so users can get cracking on building those shared playlists.

[via Spotify]