Tesla Reportedly Working On Own Music Streaming Service

Tesla, the company known for its electric vehicles, is reportedly mulling launching its own music streaming service that will be available on the infotainment system of its cars. Sources of Re/code claim that Tesla has had talks with major labels in the music industry to license and create a proprietary music streaming service for its cars.

Sources indicate that Tesla will be offering multiple tiers of its music streaming services, with the initial offering being similar to Pandora’s web streaming service.

Unlike traditional cars, the infotainment system on Tesla cars is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The Tesla S, for example, comes with a 17-inch capacitive touchscreen integrated into its dashboard that features its own web browser. Interestingly, Tesla already offers integration with Spotify in its infotainment system for the cars it sells outside of the US. So, it could have done the same in the US as well. But the company believes in delivering “maximum happiness” for its customers.

“We believe it’s important to have an exceptional in-car experience so our customers can listen to the music they want from whatever source they choose,” a Tesla spokesperson said. “Our goal is to simply achieve maximum happiness for our customers.”

Music labels will likely be happy with Tesla’s proposal since it would lead to a new entrant in the music streaming service sector. And unlike others, Tesla aims to only offer access to its streaming services inside its cars — a completely new market.

[Via Re/code]