Third-Party Apps No Longer Have Access to Signed-In Social Media Accounts in iOS 11

Many iOS apps have long offered the ability to sign up/in using one’s Facebook or Twitter account to make the sign up process easier and faster. They achieved this by taking advantage of the native social accounts integration in iOS.  However, Apple has removed native Facebook and Twitter integration in iOS 11 and completely done away with the feature.

With the Social accounts feature removed, apps will now no longer have access to those signed-in accounts which will make the process of signing in to them frustratingly longer and cumbersome. Facebook sign has been a popular option among developers and is used in apps like OpenTable, TicketFly, Tinder, and more.

The move does make sense in one way from Apple’s point of view as iOS now comes with sharing extensions. This way, users can directly share content to their favorite social networking site without having to rely on native social media accounts integration into the OS. Now that the Social accounts feature has been removed, users will have to use the share extension of the Twitter and Facebook app to share content in iOS 11 as well.

Apple taketh but it also giveth away. To possibly make the sign in/up process easier in third-party apps, Apple is debuting a new Password AutoFill for Apps feature in iOS 11 that will make it easier for one to directly enter their account credentials stored in a password manager like LastPass or 1Password.

[Via Axios, The Verge]