Apple May be Working on Launching 4K HDR Content in iTunes

Apple TV 4

One of the things Apple was called out for, despite launching the Apple TV 4 with a ton of new features, was the fact it didn’t support 4K content, let alone High Dynamic Range.

And, while Google, Amazon, and other competing companies all over some amount of 4K HDR content (some more than others), their libraries have been building for quite some time, while Apple, with its juggernaut iTunes platform, has been waiting in the wings. But that appears to be changing, if the tea leaves being discovered by iTunes users are any indicator.

As reported by MacRumors, and citing information gathered from one of the publication’s readers, Apple is currently listing some previously purchased content as “4K, HDR” in the description of the content. As you can see in the image above, the user sent in a screenshot showing three different films: Saving Private Ryan and The Finest Hours are both listed as Film (HD), while Passengers (2016) is listed as Movie (4K, HDR).

While that listing is showing up, Apple itself only allows customers to download the content in HD resolutions, either 720p or 1080p, so there isn’t an option for 4K popping up yet. Another reader pointed out that another film, Fantastic Beats & Where To Find Them is also listed as “4K, HDR,” even if the film can’t technically be purchased or rented in that format.

Way back in February, it was reported that Apple was working on a fifth-generation Apple TV, one that would support 4K (and HDR) content, basically answering calls from customers to do so. Back then it was suggested that Apple would launch the fifth-gen Apple TV at some point in 2017. It’s worth pointing out that, back at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple did say they would have more to talk about regarding Apple TV later this year, but didn’t go into any detail during the developers conference.

It’s about time that Apple started offering 4K HDR content, and, despite the fact they might be late to actually offering it, it stands to reason that Apple would want to boast a worthwhile library of content as soon as it launches support.

[via MacRumors]