You Can Now Use Touch ID to Authenticate Payments in the iOS Apple Store App

Apple Store app Peek and Pop

Touch ID has been supported in the Apple App for iOS devices for quite some time, but one key feature has been missing up to this point.

But that feature has finally arrived. The Apple Store iOS app was officially updated today, bringing the version to 4.3, and it primarily focuses on two things: The first being Apple says the updated app can help tell users whether or not the iPhone they want is at a local Apple Store easier than before.

However, the biggest part of the update is the fact that users can now use Touch ID to authenticate payments within the app. Specifically, using Touch ID can be used to authenticate a purchase being made with a credit card tied to their Apple ID. Up to this point, users could still use this method to pay for things –if they didn’t want to use Apple Pay directly– but they had to insert their password to finalize the payment.

The interface is staying the same, though. So as you go through the checkout process, you’ll see the options to either pay with Apple Pay or “Buy with Other Payment Options.”

The Apple Store iOS app is free to download, and you can do so from the link below if you haven’t yet put it on your iOS device (and you feel tempted to now, thanks to the latest update). The update to version 4.3 is available now, so you should see it in the App Store under the Updates tab if you already have the app installed.


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