Analysts Predict iPhone 8 Will be 3 to 4 Weeks Delayed

The iPhone 8, despite seeing plenty of rumors regarding its specifications, is also faced with almost just as many rumors regarding its impending launch delay.

The latest report comes from a pair of analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which was shared by CNBC. According to Stefano Pascale and Wamsi Mohan, the iPhone 8 is still facing issues with the fingerprint sensor on the upcoming flagship handset, and also seeing problems with the 3D sensors in the handset as well. As a result of those hiccups, Apple will “ship 3-4 weeks delayed,” at least compared to the typical fall release dates up to this point.

“Our conversations with the Supply Chain suggest that the iPhone 8 will ship 3-4 weeks delayed given technological issues which Apple and its suppliers are working through,” analysts Wamsi Mohan and Stefano Pascale said in a report Wednesday, citing a recent trip to Asia. The analysts maintained their buy rating on the stock.

The analysts said problems with finger print and 3-D sensors were to blame for the delay. Apple has not released a launch date for the smartphone but it typically releases the new iterations of the device in September. Mohan and Pascale believe that launch date could be delayed.”

At this point, the rumor mill refuses to give up on the idea that Apple is facing plenty of internal delays, all of which could mount to the iPhone 8 seeing a delayed arrival for potential customers. Just recently we heard that Apple is in “a panic” due to a variety of software problems.

Where are you on the over/under of the iPhone 8 getting launched sometime after the iPhone 7s/7s Plus arrive on the scene? Think it will happen?

[via CNBC]