The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone Control Center

best jailbreak tweaks for control center ios 10

Control Center is one of the best parts of iOS that provides quick access to important features on your device, such as toggles for WiFi and Airplane Mode, music player controls, Quick Launch apps and much more. Despite all the essential features that Control Center provides, it has room for more improvements.

As always is the case, if you have jailbroken your iOS device, then you can take advantage of Cydia tweaks to enhance the functionality of Control Center and enjoy amazing new features. These tweaks allows you to customize the look of Control Center and add new functionality to it.

To help you discover the best tweaks for Control Center, we’ve compiled this list of jailbreak tweaks that are worth checking out.

Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Control Center


controlcenterxi tweak

iOS 11 has received major design changes and one such example is the redesigned Control Center which looks completely different than previous iterations of iOS. Controls are now divided into separate tiles, all of each are located on a single page rather than multiple pages. You can 3D Touch on a tile to expand it and view additional options. For instance, if you 3D Touch the toggles tile, it will expand to display additional toggles.

If you’re fond of the new iOS 11 Control Center design, then you should check out a tweak called ControlCenterXI. It brings the iOS 11 Control Center to iOS 10. The design looks strikingly similar to that of the iOS 11 Control Center and it functions exactly the same.


One of the essential features that is missing from the iOS 10 Control Center is the ability to add additional toggles. FlipControlCenter is the tweak that will help you achieve this. It allows you to add as many new toggles as you wish to Control Center as well as rearrange their position the way you want. You can add toggles for 3G/LTE, Location Services, respring, Do Not Disturb, and so on.


If you ever wished to customize the look and feel of Control Center, then you should check out CCPlus. This tweak offers a suit of customization tools for Control Center that will allow you to do the following:

  • Choose from 6 different styles of background ranging from dark mode to transparent background
  • Add a custom color tint to the background
  • When there’s a music playing, the tweak changes the color of the background based on the dominant color of the song’s album artwork
  • Hide Night Shift, AirPlay and AirDrop buttons
  • Remove the dark overlay behind Control Center
  • Hide the Control Center pagination dots
  • Use white text instead of the default text color
  • Price: Free
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CCQuick Pro X

CCQuick Pro X is a feature-rich tweak that brings a number of useful shortcut gestures to Control Center. You can swipe Control Center to the right to open the recently closed app and swipe up to go to the Home screen or lock your device. Additionally, it provides a number of customization options as well, such as changing the background color and transparency.

  • Price: $2.99


Inspired by Android, this tweak allows you to 3D Touch toggles in Control Center to open their corresponding page in Settings. For instance, if you 3D Touch the WiFi toggle, it will open the WiFi configuration page in Settings. It’s a very useful tweak if you want to quickly access the frequently used settings on your device.

  • Price: Free


Apple finally listened to its users by adding a new native screen recording feature to iOS 11. If you’re jailbroken on iOS 10 and wished to have this feature, then you should definitely check out CCRecord. It adds a new button to Control Center that allows you to enable screen recording with just a single tap. Once your done recording, it will be saved to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.


horseshoe tweak

In iOS 10, Apple divided Control Center into two pages. The first page is dedicated to displaying toggles, Quick Launch apps, Night Shift, and so on, whereas the second page is designed for the music player. If you don’t like this, then you should check out Horseshoe. It combines the two pages of Control Center into a single page. The result is a redesigned Control Center that looks simple and nice.

  • Price: Free

App Center

app center tweak

With iOS 10, Spotlight gained the ability to display your recently used apps, but to take things further, App Center is a tweak that allows you to add your favorite apps to Control Center as well as view the recently used ones. It adds a new page to Control Center that is dedicated to displaying your favorite and recently used apps.

What’s more interesting about this tweak is that it lets you launch an app right within Control Center and interact with it from there.


noctis tweak

We’re yet to see Apple add Dark Mode to iOS, but if you’re jailbroken, you can easily get this feature with the help of a tweak known as Noctis. This tweak enables dark mode for a range of interfaces in iOS, including Control Center, notifications, widgets, folders, and the dock.

  • Price: $2.00

What’s Your Favorite?

These are our favorite jailbreak tweaks that enhance the iOS 10 Control Center and add amazing new features. What’s your favorite tweak? Let us know in the comments below.