HomePod Firmware Confirms iPhone 8’s Notch Display Design and Face Unlock Support

Last week, Apple released the first HomePod firmware for developers which was quickly checked in detailed by curious developers to reveal more about the device. And it promptly did. Even better though, the firmware also contains code which confirms that the upcoming iPhone will feature facial unlock.

The firmware reveals that the iPhone 8 will come with “infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit” for Face ID. This pretty much confirms that the handset will feature an infrared sensor at the front for face unlock purposes. Samsung, which offers face and iris unlock on its flagship Galaxy S and Note handsets, also includes an infrared sensor on its devices for facial recognition purposes.

Numerous rumors have claimed that the iPhone 8 will come with facial recognition so the hint of face unlock in the HomePod firmware should not be surprising. If Apple is not able to get the embedded fingerprint sensor ready in time, it is possible that the iPhone 8 will ship with facial recognition as the only form of biometric authentication.

Additionally, the HomePod firmware also includes a render of the bezel-less iPhone 8. Codenamed “D22”, it is unclear if the render of the phone is similar to the final product. The render, however, shows a phone with a notch display design which is what rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 have also claimed so it does seem to be the real deal.

iPhone 8 bezel-less

The notch display design will allow Apple to make space for the front-facing camera, an infrared sensor, and other sensors that usually reside at the top bezel of a device.

What do you think about the bezel-less notch display design of the iPhone 8 as shown in the renders above? Drop a comment and let us know!