iFixit Launches Battery Repair Kit for Retina MacBook Pro

If you’ve held onto a Retina MacBook Pro (2012-2015), and feel capable enough to dig around under the hood, iFixIt has a new kit that can extend the life of your device.

iFixit, the popular source for repair breakdowns and toolkits, has announced a brand new battery replacement kit for the aforementioned MacBook Pro model. It isn’t a secret that Apple doesn’t make it especially easy to repair their devices, even their laptops, and iFixIt believes this is something that should change. The battery is something that’s particularly painful to remove, considering Apple has glued the entire physical unit in place with some industrial-grade adhesive.

“Choosing energy-efficient devices helps—but the biggest problem isn’t how we use electronics, it’s how we make electronics. Extending the lifespan of your device is really the best way an individual consumer can mitigate the environmental impact tied to manufacturing. Here’s our rule of thumb when it comes to electronics: get one, use it for as long as possible, repair it, repeat.

Unfortunately, the Retina’s glued-down battery is a big hurdle to that use-as-long-as-possible plan. Unlike earlier models of the machine, the Retina’s battery is an absolute bear for DIYers to tackle. So the life of the laptop is pretty much limited to the life of the battery.”

As a result of wanting to make a change, iFixit has put together a kit that makes it possible for MacBook Pro owners to replace the battery. It actually includes a solvent that the group had to come up with on their own that can dissolve Apple’s adhesive, which holds the battery in place. As iFixit notes, Apple doesn’t just remove the battery from a MacBook Pro when it’s doing its own repairs. Instead it removes the part of the case where the battery is attached, so iFixit definitely had to come up with a creative solution.

There are multiple steps to go through, more than 30 in fact, and while the instructions are certainly detailed, this is not something someone should partake in if they aren’t absolutely sure they can go through with it.

The most expensive iFixit battery replacement kit is $109.95 for the mid-2015 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, but there are options to not buy the kit itself and just get the battery, which drops the price to $99.95. You can find all the kits through the source link below.

[via iFixit; iFixit MBP Repair Kits]