iPhone 8 to Be Available in Four Colors Including a Mirror-like Finish

Amidst all the rumors of the iPhone 8 design, the placement of the Touch ID sensor, and whether the phone will ship with a wireless charger or not, a new rumor has popped up surrounding the color of the handset. Since the beginning of this week, there have been two leaks that point to Apple launching the iPhone 8 with a mirror-like finish.

The color will be similar to the iPhone 2G and has been internally codenamed as ‘O7.’ It is likely that Apple will launch this new color option as a throwback to the original iPhone on its tenth anniversary.

The Jet Black iPhone 7 was already known for its mirror-like finish, but with this new color scheme, Apple wants to take things to a completely different level. The finish will presumably be similar to many of Sony’s Xperia handsets that have a highly reflective mirror-like finish at the rear.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium with its mirror-like back

While a mirror-like finish might attract a lot of female customers, it would also end up making the phone a fingerprint and smudge magnet thereby necessitating the use of a case.

As per Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin, the iPhone 8 will be available in four colors, with the mirror-like finish being the new addition. The other colors should be similar to Apple’s existing offerings, with the Product(RED) color option likely being given the boot.


What do you think about the iPhone 8 coming with a mirror-like finish? Do you see yourself buying one? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Image Source: Business Insider]