iPhone 8 Said to Feature ‘Rear-Facing 3D Sensor’ to Boost AR Features

iPhone 8 Specs

Earlier this year, Apple officially launched ARKit, putting a huge focus on augmented reality for the company moving forward.

It’s no secret at this point that the iPhone 8 has been heavily rumored to feature built-in AR features, and camera sensors/features to help boost that feature quite a bit. Now, Fast Company is reporting that the iPhone 8 may feature a “rear-facing 3D sensor,” which will boost the flagship smartphone’s depth detection, primarily for AR apps and features.

On top of that, this 3D sensor would also boost autofocus features in the rear-facing camera, with Apple utilizing the VSCEL laser system:

“VCSEL laser systems calculate the distance the light travels from the laser to the target and back to the sensor, and generate a Time of Flight (TOF) measurement. The system consists of a source (the VCSEL laser), a lens, detector (sensor), and a processor. The whole thing costs about $2 per phone, our source says.”

None of this is particularly brand new, of course, save or the specific name of the laser system being used. We’ve been hearing about a 3D-sensing capabilities within the oft-rumored iPhone 8 for quite some time now. The fact that Apple announced ARKit back at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference just reinforced those rumors of what the iPhone 8 would feature.

There’s one more piece of information that the report includes, which is certainly worthwhile. While it notes that the iPhone 8 will boast an OLED display, something we’ve heard a countless number of times by now, but that it could possibly feature “sealed buttons” on the sides of the device, which would respond via haptic feedback, and be completely waterproof:

“The new phone is expected to pack several new features that are brand new to iPhones, including wireless charging, an edge-to-edge OLED display, and–possibly–sealed buttons on the side of the phone that respond with haptic feedback and are completely waterproof.”

That would certainly be a change of pace, and not necessarily something that’s been rumored all that often.

Earlier today we heard that the iPhone 8 may be delayed up to four weeks, and that Apple may be in a panic as it tries to nail down some software features ahead of the flagship smartphone’s arrival later this year.

[via Fast Company]