Apple Said to be Shipping Influx of iPhone 8 Units With Touch ID on the Back

The iPhone 8 is still months out, but the rumor mill is busy trying to fill in the blanks before Apple can get around to announcing the handset.

According to Benjamin Geskin, who tweeted out several images, and citing information gathered by unnamed sources working at shipment companies reportedly tied to Apple, the company has been shipping an “influx” of iPhone 8 units that have Touch ID on the back of the handset. The source said that Apple has been sending so many that it has filled multiple pallets on a daily basis.

For his part, Geskin not only states his dissatisfaction with the rumors in general, apparently not a fan of the idea that Touch ID could be on the back of the future flagship iPhone, but also states that he still believes the 10th anniversary OLED iPhone will look like this, with its minimal bezels across the frame, and no Touch ID on the back.

The fate of Touch ID is about as up-in-the-air as a rumor can be at this point. We’ve heard multiple times that Touch ID was initially being planned to be integrated into the display itself, so that it would still be accessible on the front of the handset. However, we’ve also heard just as frequently that the iPhone 8 may feature Touch ID on the back of the handset because integrating it into the display isn’t working out.

Or, as we heard most recently, Touch ID may get axed from the upcoming flagship handset altogether and instead use facial recognition to unlock the phone. So the question at this point still remains: Depending on what happens with Touch ID, what’s the over/under on you picking up this year’s flagship?

[via @VenyaGeskin1]