iPhone 8 Said to Begin Shipping by November, Touch ID in Power Button Questionable

The iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled in September of this year, keeping up with the yearly unveiling, but its actual launch may not happen as expected.

According to a report from Mac Otakara, citing information acquired from supply chain sources and accessory makers, that launch window is apparently in question again. Specifically, the report states that Apple will begin shipping the iPhone 8 in the first half of the first fiscal quarter 2018, which means it could start going off into the real world sometime in October or November of this year.

That would line up with plenty of previous rumors and analyst expectations, though. Speculation has run rampant over the last several months regarding the actual launch of the iPhone 8, with many expecting Apple to announce the phone in September –along with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus– and then begin shipping the device at least a month later.

Another hot topic for the upcoming flagship iPhone is Touch ID, and what exactly Apple plans on doing with it. Rumor has it that Apple has figured out how to integrate it into the OLED display, while others suggest Apple may scrap the feature altogether and opt for facial recognition instead, because it actually hasn’t figured out how to integrate the sensor into the display.

The report also highlights the sensors that will be reportedly put in place on the front of the phone, showing a device with minimal bezels along the sides (and bottom), but with just a bit more in place up at the top of the device’s display. There, it’s hinted that there will be two front-facing iris sensors, the FaceTime camera, an IR sensor, and a receiver. That would certainly fall in line with previous reports suggesting the front-facing camera (along with the rear cameras) will boast some new features.

One other rumor has pointed to the Power button on the side of the iPhone 8 allegedly being a bit bigger than the Power button on previous iPhones, suggesting that Apple may implement Touch ID into the side button instead. However, if Mac Otakara‘s sources are correct, that won’t be the case. They say that the Power button in the iPhone 8 doesn’t feature any additional sensors and that the components therein are solid, suggesting that Touch ID won’t be integrated into the button.

As it stands right now, rumors seem to be piling up in favor of either Apple integrating the Touch ID sensor into the display or ditching the feature altogether. The fingerprint reader being put on the side, or on the back of the phone, don’t seem to be gaining traction these days.

Finally, colors, another hot topic. It was reported recently that the iPhone 8 could be released in up to four colors, and one of them could be a “mirror-like” finish. However, that may not be the case after all. This report points to only one color option: black. There’s no indication if that would be the case just at launch, or if Apple might supplement the color options at a future date (theoretically before the iPhone 8’s eventual successor arrives).

What do you think Apple should do with Touch ID?

[via Mac Otakara]