Jony Ive Discusses Apple Park, Allegations of Contributing to Tree Shortages, and More

Jony Ive - Apple Park

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive talks about how the company has worked tirelessly in building the perfect campus at Apple Park. This spaceship like complex has been in planning for years now and hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy.

One such allegation earlier this year talked about Apple allegedly buying out all plants in the region, ultimately resulting in a shortage of the said trees in the Bay Area. Ive feels these allegations are baseless and mentioned that every architectural detail, including the trees, was planned well in advance. Ive has apparently been in constant touch with an arborist in the years leading up to the construction of the Apple Park campus.

Over 9,000 plants, with a majority of them being drought resistant, are expected to have been planted by the time the construction work at Apple Park is completely finished. Back in April this year, Apple moved some of its employees to this campus, although the construction work has still not concluded. The company is expected to have a grand opening of the campus during the fall. Ive has mentioned that the company’s design team will be some of the last Apple employees to move to the new campus. At full capacity, the Apple Park is expected to house nearly 12,000 company employees.

Jony Ive’s design studio is expected to be situated on the 4th floor of the Apple Park campus. This is where most other Apple executives are expected to have their offices as well, along with the Apple Watch team and part of the Siri workforce.

Ive apparently wants the entire workforce to rely on iPhones for person-to-person communication, although it is said that they can request for basic desk phones if it’s important. There will be several electric golf carts around the campus with Apple also deploying 2,000 “Apple gray” colored custom made bikes in the campus. This will make it easier for the employees to travel from the parking lot to the inner ring of the campus. Some expect the distance from the parking lot to the edge of the campus to be nearly a quarter of a mile. Naturally, Apple Park will be available in its entirety on Apple Maps to help employees navigate the area.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]