Snapchat Gains New Multi-Snap Recording and Editing Tool

Snap is back with another update for its hugely popular social network, Snapchat, bringing even more editing tools to the fore, and a new way to share content.

Snapchat today is getting updated to support what’s called multi-snap recording, will let users record up to six different 10-second videos in succession. This will allow users to go back over up to one minute of content and choose the best snap, which they can save to their library or send out in a Story if they so choose. The idea is that Snap wants users to record even more video than they already do, and share it at an increased volume.

The other new big addition is called Tint Brush. With it, Snapchat users can take advantage of Photoshop-like editing tools, including the ability to alter the color of an item inside a snap. This is another editing tool that’s meant to mimic more complex features in other photo apps, but slim it down and offer a more simple way to edit. It only works for photos for now, though, so no videos can be altered just yet.

The Multi-Snap Recording feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android users beginning today. However, the Tilt Brush feature is an iOS exclusive for the time being, which is rolling out today as well.

Snap has been working to add new features to Snapchat on a more regular basis these days, and these latest new additions should be welcomed among Snap users, especially those that want to have even more control on how their snaps look.

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[via The Verge]