Apple in Disagreement with Movie Studios with Regards to the Pricing of 4K Titles

Apple TV

With the arrival of the 4K capable Apple TV on the horizon, the company is shuffling with movie studios to have enough 4K content on board in time for the big launch. A new report now suggests that Apple has run into some disagreements with movie studios, mainly with regards to the pricing of 4K titles.

The Wall Street Journal cites some of its industry sources claiming that Apple wants to charge $19.99 for every new 4K movie, the same price that it currently charges for standard HD content on the iTunes Store. The movie studios, however, are reportedly expecting somewhere around the $25-$30 mark. Talks are said to have hit a standstill due to this particular aspect.

It is said that Apple is looking to finalize things by September 12, which is when the company is expected to show off the iPhone 8, along with the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, and the Apple Watch Series 3.

From WSJ:

Apple wants to have major Hollywood films available in ultra-high definition on the new device, expected to go on sale later this year. However, it wants to charge $19.99 for those movies—on par with what it sometimes charges for new HD movies, the people with knowledge of the discussions said. Several Hollywood studios want to charge $5 to $10 more for 4K movies, the people said.

The launch of the 4K capable Apple TV will possibly boost the faltering market share of iTunes, especially with rivals like Comcast and Amazon competing aggressively in the market. The 4K Apple TV should be announced on Sep 12, with a launch to follow shortly after. Compatibility with 4K titles will finally bring Apple TV on par with a bunch of other offerings available in the market.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]