Apple Shows Off ARKit Apps Ahead of Launch

In September, Apple is going to dive right into the augmented reality market with ARKit, which it initially announced earlier this year.

To make sure that plenty of eyes see what developers are putting together, Apple recently invited a few different publications to take a look at several demos, all created with ARKit, and each showing off some individual works that really show off ARKit ahead of its public launch. Those in attendance included CNBC, TechCrunch, and The Verge, each of which has their own write-up that’s certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan of the ARKit movement.

As far as who was showing off content, that included IKEA, which was showcasing its previously-announced Ikea Place app. With it, ARKit users will be able to set pieces of furniture into their home before they decide to buy it, getting a feel for how it might look with their floorpan and other belongings. Meanwhile, an app from The Food Network will see people creating desserts in a digital space, and AMC is building an ARKit app that’s based on the popular show, The Walking Dead.

As pictured at the top of this article, there is an app based on the popular children’s book, The Very Hungry Catepillar, which will let users raise a digital caterpillar until it becomes a butterfly. Giphy is building an app that will put GIFs in the real world, and Climax Studios is building a puzzle game called Arise that will let players tilt the phone and more to solve puzzles.

There are a lot of things being put together with ARKit, a lot of it quite interesting, and that’s before iOS 11 even arrives. The future is looking pretty bright for the fledgling platform. And it’s hard to argue that AR isn’t a big deal these days, especially with Google just recently announcing its own huge push into the public market with ARCore, the company’s direct response to ARKit.

Are you looking forward to ARKit’s arrival?

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